The flame world beneath the grill is amazing!

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How can people think that gay couples shouldn’t be allowed children. I don’t know about you , but this is the happiest family I’ve ever seen.


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Of the hundreds of times I have seen the Saturn V rocket, at all the locations it is on display in the world, never has it ever been as beautiful or commanding as it was this time.

The five J-2 engines on the second stage attracted my eye the most. The countless wires, chambers, and fuel pumps of the engines contrasted with lack of aerodynamic protection gave the business end of the S-II a mechanical sense that I have never really appreciated before. Sure, the five F-1 engines on the S-IC or the single J-2 on the S-IVB are equally as complex and exposed, but for some reason, the cluster of them on the second stage is appealing.

A surprising lack of people in the building gave me great opportunities for pictures I normally avoid taking due to crowds, and I was able to see the rocket in a totally different perspective.

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Many Ladies wear it this way

Ha! I said this last night.

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Anonymous Asked: you fetishize asians too. hypocrite.


god damn it, you’ve caught me.

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Miniature Terrarium Necklace, Live Moss with Tiny Raku Fired Glow in the Dark Ceramic Mushroom

Etsy artist GypsyRaku makes these beautiful mini terrarium necklaces… that GLOW IN THE DARK! As a self-proclaimed hippie, I love this!! :)

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Australian news everyone

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people who dont care about the plot in video game s????// /


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